Blog post: The rise of Analytics in organisations

Next week, I’ll be attending the Chief Analytics Officer conference in London

As organisations and businesses slowly wake up to the increased importance of their data in their future survival, it’s inevitable that the role of the person who takes on the strategic responsibility for that data will rise in importance too.

The conference organisers say “it is predicted that within 5 years the Chief Analytics Officer will be one of the most strategic roles within any organisation.”

Analytics roles have grown steadily over the past two years as a proportion of the overall UK IT jobs market, from 3.96% to 5.08% with salaries increasing by around 7% overall but with certain roles managing to jump 30 – 60% (source – IT Jobs Watch search).

With over 150 executives from all over Europe attending, it’s going to be a good place to get the pulse of the challenges facing organisations today. The key themes for the conference are:

  • THE DATA DRIVEN C-SUITE – The Role. Evaluating data analytics investment, prominence and acceptance in the boardroom.
  • CULTURE and LEADERSHIP – The Human Element. Defining, fostering and embedding a culture of data analytics and insight based decision making. Democratising analytics to foster insight and co-operation throughout the organisation.
  • THE INTELLIGENT ENTERPRISE – The Defining Factor. Driving innovation, agility and business value. Monetising data to deliver strategic worth to the business.

I’ll be blogging from each session attended, the keynotes and panel discussions and updating live from the event.




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