7 Most Googled athletes of the 2012 Olympics

English: Mo Farah at the 2010 European Athleti...

This years Olympics have really captured the imagination of the UK public.  Millions of us went online before, after or even during events to find out more about those on our screens.

So the question is, who were we searching for and what did we want to know?  The most popular personalities in order of searches to wikipedia are listed below, with the top 5 searches involving their name, listed beneath them.

1.  Jessica Ennis

  • jessica ennis boyfriend
  • jessica ennis hot
  • jessica ennis bikini
  • jessica ennis parents
  • jessica ennis sexy

2.  Usain Bolt

  • usain bolt 2012 olympics
  • usain bolt girlfriend
  • how old is usain bolt
  • how tall is usain bolt
  • usain bolt facts

3.  Bradley Wiggins

  • bradley wiggins twitter
  • bradley wiggins wife
  • bradley wiggins piers morgan
  • bradley wiggins diet
  • bradley wiggins olympics

4.  Mo Farah

  • mo farah foundation
  • mo farah olympics 2012
  • mo farah wife
  • mo farah the cube
  • mo farah medal ceremony

5.  Joanna Rowsell

  • joanna rowsell alopecia
  • joanna rowsell bald
  • joanna rowsell hair
  • joanna rowsell olympics
  • joanna rowsell cyclist illness

6.  Victoria Pendleton

  • victoria pendleton hot
  • victoria pendleton fhm
  • victoria pendleton pictures
  • victoria pendleton boyfriend
  • victoria pendleton disqualified

7.  Ian Thorpe

  • ian thorpe gay
  • is ian thorpe gay
  • ian thorpe girlfriend
  • ian thorpe boyfriend
  • ian thorpe 2012 olympics

Data from Hitwise, looking at searches made by the UK public over 4 weeks, ending 12th Aug 2012

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