Summertime searches

What do different countries search for in the summer?  Nations characters are revealed through their summertime searching…

(method at the bottom of this post)


Top 3 summertime searches

  1. Hedge trimmers
  2. Float fishing
  3. Grass snake



Top 3 summertime searches

  1. Karwendelhaus (Rental homes in the Karwendal mountains)
  2. Brukenfahrt (cruise / tours)
  3. Putter (golf putter)


Top 3 summertime searches

  1. 1st anniversary
  2. Tours Chicago
  3. Remove mildew


Top 3 summertime searches

  1. Corsa in Montagne (mountain race)
  2. Versicolor (a fungal skin infection)
  3. sr 50 (scooter)


Top 3 summertime searches

  1. кемер (Resort town in Turkey)
  2. пластиковые (Plastics packaging!?!)
  3. рейс (flight)


I was looking for seasonally linked health searches in the UK and decided that the best way to do this was to use Google correlate, a tool that can take your data (in my case, British summer temperatures from the met office website) and map search queries to that data.

What you end up with is a chart similar to the one below, which gives you the search term for your chosen country that most closely matches the pattern of your data i.e. The search term that follows your trends and not the search term that is searched for the most.

I then exported all of the terms as a CSV file (which it lets you do if you’re logged in with a Google account and, to get over the translation problem, I just pasted them all into Google translate and from there into wordle where I edited the colours to match those of the countries flag.

Feel free to comment below, or try it yourself and stick a link to it here…

3 thoughts on “Summertime searches

  1. Excuse me Professor Duncan Bloor is it? Interesting wordle but may I ask why Australia was left off this post? Are we not good enough for you?? Also, I believe adult searches have been omitted from this data..hmm?

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