What do people search for? Health

Last weeks post looked at what people searched for in seven areas:  Health, Food, Nature, Gardening, History, Religion and Science.

This week we’ll drill down into one of those areas, Health.

The categories here aren’t comprehensive.  The data editor (me) has simply taken keywords of interest or volume and grouped them together under a name i.e. Weight looks at all the search terms in our data that contain BMI, weight, obesity etc.

I thought that looking at the terms that have grown or shrunk year on year (risers and fallers) was interesting for health.  Note depression is falling hugely (see my other post on searches around depression)

Also of interest is the fact that a larger number of people ask questions related to health when searching i.e. They search for ‘What are the symptoms of’ rather than ‘symptoms of’ is this because they’re older?

The pie chart shows the volume of searches relative to the other categories.

Comments are welcome unless you’re trying to sell Viagra (in which case just email me directly).

All data sourced from Hitwise


See all of the data visualisations here

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