Why do people call the police?

Greater Manchester police did something extraordinary today.  They tweeted every single 999 call that they answered, making details of emergency calls available to the general public.  You can follow them on twitter live, 24 hours a day.  They’re @gmp_1 or @gmp_2 or @gmp_3

So what makes a Mancunian phone 999?  The wordle below was created using a sample of 500 tweets between approximately 11am – 2pm.  I’ll do another one tonight to compare the two.

Some notes…

  • I’ve removed certain words and numbers (that appear in ever tweet but don’t give much insight).
  • The bigger the word, the more times it was used so, man is bigger than woman – meaning men cause more incidents???
  • Thanks to wordle.

Why do people call the police? Mid-day

Take a long look.  What does the data tell you?  There’s more crime in Bolton than Manchester?  Trafford is a no go area?  Does it give us an insight into the language of our police?  ‘concern’, ‘dispute’, ‘report’.

Why do people call the police?  Evening

Youth of today eh?

These are the calls placed between 2000 and 2230.  Salford, Wigan youths and fireworks feature prominently.  Interestingly women shrink and men grow during this time.

If you liked this – you might like this thing I wrote about whether the British public were more interested in the cat bin lady or the floods in Pakistan or watch how to see the spread of ADHD across the US using Google insights for search.

22 thoughts on “Why do people call the police?

  1. I wouldn’t say trafford is a no go area – I think most the trafford tweets I’ve seen have been regarding collisions. Salford appears smaller than I expected it to.
    The next one will be interesting!

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  5. a good example of nepotism would be: joe is an electrician in local 3. his son bobby wants to become an electrician too so his father pulls some stings to get him an apprenticeship in the union. no tests just he knows someone that can help him.

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