Is the Daily Mail really THAT bad?

Most people think the Mail is obsessed with asylum seekers and princess Diana but is that really the case?  Search insights uses the power of search to find out…

The results…

An amazing 25% of the Mail’s online coverage is related in someway to cancer!  And although it looks small on the chart, The Mail still devotes 3 – 4% of its coverage to princess Diana, 13 years after her death!  Interestingly the Telegraph mirrors the Mails twin cancer / Diana obsessions although on a more subtle scale whilst the Guardian dedicates a minimal amount of coverage to any of these four topics – probably not having much room left after writing so much bout the BBC and muesli.

If you like this sort of stuff there’s more on this blog about why people call the police, when do people get depressed and cat bin woman v’s Pakistan floods.  This blog uses search engine data to reveal how we think and feel – feel free to comment at the bottom of this page.

How we did it

People not familiar with search commands may not realise that you can actually ask search engines to do things like restrict all the results to a certain site or certain words within a certain site.  We used this knowledge in order to query Google as to how many pages of four different papers (including the Mail) included the words Cancer, Asylum, Paedophile and Diana.

We then asked Google how many pages each paper had so we could get an understanding of the relative proportion of pages dedicated to each of the subjects from each paper.

2 thoughts on “Is the Daily Mail really THAT bad?

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