Cat bin woman V’s Pakistan floods

What is the British public more concerned with?  The flooding in Pakistan or the recent ‘cat in bin’ woman?

Easy eh?  We put the two head to head……

Pakistan floods

The story: The recent floods in Pakistan have taken the lives of 1,600 people and left 6,000,000 yes 6 MILLION people homeless.  The UN has described the flooding as the worst global disaster in living memory.

The chart below shows UK searches for pakistan, floods or different combinations of those words over the past 30 days.  It’s essentially showing the level of UK interest in this event.

Web search interest in 'pakistan floods' over 30 day

‘Cat bin’ woman

The story: A woman put a cat in a bin.  In Coventry.

As we all know, this story has also created a lot of interest:

Note sudden peak in demand over the last 3 days

So what happens when you compare the two side by side??

'cat bin' searches are in blue

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