How Google famous are you?

When using a search engine for the first time, the third search people do is for their own name (just after ‘hello’ and ‘porn’)*.

Image source: Originally appeared in print edition of The Independent newspaper 24th May 2007

So what are the other top 5 ways to measure your true Google fame?

1.  How many letters do you need to type into Google before it suggests your name?

So if your name is, say, Duncan Bloor.  How many letters would I need to type into Google before it suggests my name?

(The answer is pretty much all of them – I’m not famous at all)

2.  Search for your name in Google images – how many of the images are of you?

I do better on this one, almost half are of me and 25% are from articles I wrote or involved me in some way.  You can also try to search Google news, products and blogs.

3.  See how many people are linking to your blog by typing

(works better on Yahoo)

4.  When you type in just your first name, how far down do you have to scroll to find a web page about you?

Tip – ask for 100 results per page from Google and use CTRL F to find your surname.  I gave up looking for me after 100 results – Duncan Yo Yo is the most famous Duncan apparently.

5.  Finally, use Google’s keyword tool to see how many people search for your name every month.

*Not based on any research whatsoever, just a hypothesis but if anyone wants to do some research, please let me know the results.

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