The dark side of search

Studying search patterns reveals all sorts of interesting facts (and by interesting, I don’t always mean in a good way).  A story caught my eye today that was pretty appalling.   A boy had set fire to a house in London after being ‘dumped’ by one of its occupants and in the process had killed her and her sister.  The day before he started the blaze, police say he’d typed “how to burn someone’s house down” into Google.

Google helpfully providing spelling suggestion's to future arsonists

They’re out there

That search has been logged and people like me may actually see it one day amongst thousands of other ‘search queries’ as we like to call them and wonder “who the hell would type that into Google?”

So I decided to do a bit of digging around to see what we could learn from these types of searches.
I found that “how to kill” was a popular search term although mostly, the things queried were, how to kill…dustmites, boredom and scabies etc so nothing too sinister there apart from the 560 people a month around the world who search for “how to kill someone”.

Murderers cnt spell

None of those searches originated in the UK thankfully (for me). As I looked at the data a remember thinking that I’d least prefer to be killed by the 12 people in April who’d searched for “how to kill some1” – I can’t stand text speak and it would have really rubbed salt into the wounds to know that the person killing you was too lazy even to type just two extra characters on the end of their sentence and would soon be boasting about their exploits to similar morons saying things like “LOL, Jst Killed sum1 wiv me shank innit brah”.

I then started to think, well what would people kill with? I hear suicide bombs are all the rage at the moment and, lo and behold, “how to make a suicide bomb” was actually searched for by 46 people across the world in April (presumably at least some of them are now the lucky passengers of CIA airways on their way to a unique, Spartan holiday retreat in Cuba).

Bomb making league tables

So I know what you’re thinking (I’m paid to know remember). Where are these people who search for these terrible things? Well I can tell you. The April league table (I just made this up) showing searches for “how to make a bomb” (excluding things like stinkbomb, cherry bomb etc) are shown below. The country with the highest number of searches and therefore presumably the highest number of bomb making nutters, is at the top:

Okay India I can sort of understand with such a massive population and its connectedness to the internet coupled with civil unrest in large districts, it’s not really surprising it topped the list but Australia? Seriously? Answers to why they have the second highest number of people in the world wanting to make a bomb below please – Look out sheep – the talibaaaaah-n are coming. (sorry).

2 thoughts on “The dark side of search

  1. I love the thought of someone searching for the terms you have mentioned and picking this blog up…. imagine the glee when they see the your Bomb making league table as a result..
    Love it Mr Bloor

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